Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Reaction to the Klander incident

In the Winnipeg Sun from Charles Adler:

Last week at this time, if you were being told that a political operative would be spending his personal time creating a web blog and using it to make fun of Asian Canadian politicians and quadriplegics, you would have assumed that the activist was a Conservative.

You were under orders to make that assumption if you were inhaling the exhaust of mainstream media. For the last few years, the MSM (clever little acronym used on most blogs to describe the mainstream media) have portrayed Conservatives from Western Canada as hillbillies at best, Nazis at worst.

Only the most complacent meathead of a political operative would publish a public document placing a picture of a cute little Chow Chow dog next to a pic of NDP candidate Chow and then write that the two were "separated at birth."

Only an idiot would poke fun at Steven Fletcher, the health critic for the Conservatives, because he happens to be a quadriplegic.

If you want the entire laundry list of Klanderisms, just log on to a blog that has been cataloguing them -- Angry in the Great White North ( and download the effluent.

If you plan to vote Jan. 23, consider it a homework assignment. Your home is about to be invaded by Liberal messages crafted by those who want you to believe that only Liberals stand for equality, diversity and tolerance.

Paul Martin will sling the same bull in the coming TV debates. If there are children in the room, please equip them with suitably sized barf bags.

Is it too much to hope that these continuing glimpses into the minds of the Liberals will start to be reflected in the polls soon?

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