Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ralph Goodale may quit

It seems that there is considerable internal pressure for Ralph Goodale to step aside from his position as Finance minister, according to Borque Newswatch:

Bourque has learned that embattled Finance Minister Ralph Goodale is being pressured to give up his Cabinet seat for an indeterminate period of time, this in light of devastating news first revealed to the nation here yesterday that the RCMP has launched a criminal investigation into leaks from his department regarding rulings relating to the growing income trust scandal. According to senior sources inside the Paul Martin Liberal Party who spoke on condition of anonymity, "the official party posture is that Ralph didn't know anything and therefore shouldn't have to resign, but the public perception is devastating, it's killing us, and we need to move firmly to squelch the stink." Incredibly, Prime Minister Paul Martin has refused to comment publicly on news of the RCMP criminal probe, though it is understood that he has had a few choice words with key staff about this file. Meanwhile, fully 82% of those polled in a Bourque Barometer overnight say Goodale has no choice but to step aside. Developing.

UPDATE: Paul Martin has thrown his weight behind Goodale, for now.
Calling Ralph Goodale a good and honest man, Martin said Thursday that Goodale will remain in charge of the country's finances. "He is a person of the greatest integrity, and he will not be stepping down," Martin said.

Of course, this ups the stakes. Should charges be laid after the investigation, Martin will look like a fool. Meantime, Goodale reamins a very visible target for the opposition parties and a reminder to the Canadian public of Liberal scandals.

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