Monday, December 12, 2005

"Preventing Extremism Together". Dhimmitude from the UK Home Office

Dean Godson: You'll never guess who's to blame for 7/7

I DON’T KNOW what effect some of the Muslim “moderates” have on the Islamist “radicals” — but, as the Duke of Wellington might have said, by G-d they frighten me. The unerring instinct of the Government in picking many of the wrong partners within the Muslim community finds its apotheosis in the recent report of the Home Office task force, Preventing Extremism Together, which was assembled after the July bombings in London.
The mood music of the document is one of breathtaking arrogance. The panel makes it quite clear that it is not for Islamists alone to make adjustments after 7/7: rather, it is a two-way process in which the needs of two million-plus Muslims weigh equally in the balance with those of all 60 million non-Muslims. British identity will have to evolve into a much looser concept to accommodate them.

The events of 7/7 appear, in their view, to be as much the fault of the Government as the bombers themselves: there is a strong flavour of “it woz Iraq and deprivation and unemployment and Islamophobia wot made ’em do it, guv”. To prevent a repeat, they seem to imply, there should effectively be a Muslim veto over counter-terrorist legislation and foreign policy.

Their long-term solution for the ills of society? More of their kind of political Islam. More Islam in the national curriculum, including GCSEs in Islamic studies; more Islamist rapid rebuttal units — that is, propaganda. And what are two of the most important ways of empowering Muslim women? Give them more Islamic education and Arabic lessons. Since a large majority of them are South Asian, the only reason they would need Arabic is for more Koranic instruction. As such, the report endorses a key aim of some radical elements — the “Arabisation” of British Muslims.

Comment: This is a disgrace, a craven exercise in appeasement by the Home Office. It can basically be summed up in the phrase "promote Islam or you'll get more terrorism and deserve it." One of the panel members was Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the founder of the terrorist organisation The Muslim Brotherhood. This is the kind of person the Government views as a "moderate".

Nice scheme the Muslims have going in Britain. The terrorists commit atrocities, then the "moderates" use those atrocities as leverage to promote the Islamicization of Britain. And the government co-operates in a cowardly attempt to appease the terrorists. Disgraceful.

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