Monday, December 05, 2005

Poll: Conservatives slip in Ontario; gain in West

A new poll gives mixed news for the Conservatives.

The Strategic Counsel numbers say that the Conservatives have further consolidated their advantage in the West, and in British Columbia have increased their support to 34% while the Liberals have dropped to 31%. That's the good news.

In Quebec, the Bloc have also consolidated, and now have a 30 point lead over the Liberals, who dropped to 26%. This is semi-good for the Conservatives, since it means a few less Liberal seats and thus a better chance for a Conservative minority.

But here's the bad news: Ontario. In this crucial Province the Liberals have increased their support to 42%. Worse, the Conservative support has dropped to 30%. Ontario elects 106 members, and it's crucial for the Conservatives to make gains here.

What are Ontarians thinking?

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