Friday, December 09, 2005

The pointless Liberal hand gun ban

Toronto Sun editorial: Liberal gun ban wont stop crime

In the real world, all this law will do is crack down on law-abiding Canadians who are target shooters or gun collectors. That won't make our streets safer.

But hey, Martin's plan is a politically correct winner, which is why Mayor David Miller and Ontario Attorney-General Michael Bryant were leading the cheers for it yesterday.

Criticize it and you'll be labelled as some kind of gun nut, as a few Conservatives found out yesterday when the Liberal war room swung into action.
But this handgun ban reveals the Liberals' crime strategy for what it really is: Another expensive, useless, feel-good crackdown on law-abiding citizens, while the criminals go on firing -- laughing all the way.

UPDATE: Christina Blizzard: How about a ban on the criminals?
Who knew? All it takes to stop the broad daylight slaughter on our streets is a handgun ban! Just tell those criminals nicely that handguns are now illegal and they'll stop killing each other.

Just as this province outlawed pit bulls, so handguns will now banned, banned, banned. I feel safer already.

Except if you think some punk gang member with a short fuse and nothing to lose is going to give up his handgun because Paul Martin told him to, you might also want to hit "reply" on that Nigerian cash scam spam you keep getting.

UPDATE 2: Toronto Star editorial: Martin's gun ban a good, bold step

While Canadians legally own nearly 400,000 handguns, few of us regard handgun ownership as a fundamental right.
While Canadians may sympathize with bona fide sport shooters, it is hard to see how anyone has a "right" to store a .45 calibre handgun in the basement, just to have it there. That invites theft, accidents and worse.

Under Martin's proposal, only "legitimate target shooters" in "major multidisciplinary sporting competitions" would be granted a "narrow exemption." That means many, perhaps most, handgun owners would have to give up their guns.

UPDATE 3: National Post editiorial: Firing blanks
The proposed handgun ban is a symbolic, politically motivated act -- and would be as ineffective here as similarly motivated bans have proven to be in other countries. As the Liberals surely understand, the vast majority of gun crimes are committed with illegal weapons. According to one Statistics Canada study of gun murders, 84% of the firearms used were not registered. Criminals are surely no more likely to submit to a legislated gun ban than they were to register the guns in the first place.

Mr. Martin has made much of the fact that the Liberals' new plan would borrow heavily from the Australian model. But that nation's gun control experiment has been a failure. As John R. Lott pointed out in these pages in October, Australia saw its crime rates rise 32% and its armed robbery rates rise 74% in the six years following the nation's adoption of tougher gun controls in 1996. The U.K. fared little better after it banned handguns in 1997, as gun crimes almost doubled in England and Wales from 1998-99 to 2002-03.

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