Monday, December 12, 2005

"The Mother of martyrs"

Lee Harris: A tale of two moms.

Mariam Farhat, a 56 year old mother, will be running alongside her male colleagues in the upcoming January elections for the Palestinian parliament, and, by all accounts, she will easily win a seat, due to her enormous popularity among the Palestinians. At first glance, this might seem like good news: a Muslim female who has the will to play an active role in the future of her country, and who is supported in her ambitions by the male-dominated political party to which she belongs. But, unfortunately, the party that is backing her is the terrorist organization Hamas, and her popularity is based on her well-deserved reputation as “the mother of martyrs.”
Mariam Farhat got her nickname because three of her sons died either during an attack on Israeli settlers in Gaza or else while preparing for such an attack. Yet a good bit of her immense popularity must be attributed to a video that Hamas is using as part of its electoral campaign -- a video in which Mrs. Farhat is shown advising her son Mohammed on how to kill Israelis, and in which she herself is seen toting a gun, like a Palestinian Ma Barker. Mohammed, by the way, was just seventeen -- not old enough to buy cigarettes in the USA.

Mother’s tactical advice must have been first-rate, because Mohammed was able to kill five Israeli settlers before he was himself whisked away to join the ranks of the martyrs in paradise. No wonder she is seen as “a sure vote-winner,” as the writer of a Reuters news story breathlessly reported.
Comment: The other mom in the article is one the author saw in a department store berating her young son because he had asked for a toy gun. "What happens to a society where moms forbid their boys to play with toy guns?" asks Mr. Harris. Well, generally it's just one symptom of the modern politically correct enforced feminization of young males, which results in them growing up to be lisping metrosexuals instead of strong and self-sufficient young men.

And in a world where there are societies like the Palestinians, whose mothers turn their sons into fanatical terrorists, such political correctness will bode ill for the survival of those societies who have embraced it, for it saps them of the will and the strength to contend against the fanatics and the dictators. Such a process can be seen in a comparison of the conduct of the Greatest Generation during World War Two with modern day society and the Iraq War.

In the real world, the strong survive and the weak don't. This does not mean that Western mothers must turn their sons into suicide bombers. But many in the West want to embrace weakness and worship it, to the peril of the rest of us. Civilization needs strength and backbone to survive.

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