Friday, December 09, 2005

More on the Democrat defeatists

Victor Davis Hanson: Democratic Implosion

Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Congressman Murtha represent the Democratic mainstream. And that’s the problem. None of them can be characterized as embracing the Michael Moore/Cindy Sheehan fringe, and none are even prone to the wacky grandstanding of Jimmy Carter or Barbara Boxer.

Yet what we get from the national chairman, the former presidential candidate, and the new popular icon — on the verge of the third and final election in Iraq — is a de facto admission that we are losing and must leave.

In the background, old Vietnam-era themes provide the chorus for the growing antiwar sentiment: apparent disdain for the Iraqis, mirroring the way that liberals pooh-poohed anti-Communist Eastern Europeans, Cubans, and Vietnamese; endemic pessimism that does not match the rapidly evolving events on the ground; and political opportunity that an American embarrassment abroad might reverse a long-term and ongoing unfavorable political realignment at home.

UPDATE: Oliver North: Defeatists in our midst

As I make my way, once again, to Iraq to cover the progress U.S. troops have made in rebuilding that country, I have mixed emotions. Of course, I'm pleased and honored to be able to spend time with some of the finest young Americans our country has produced. Relating the stories of brave soldiers and Marines as they protect innocent Iraqis who will go to the polls for their third election in a year is a job a I look forward to performing.

These young men and women have worked tirelessly to remove a brutal dictator from power -- a dictator who systematically tortured, repressed and killed his own people. They have been fighting terrorists who have infiltrated the country to try to take over where Saddam Hussein left off. These young Americans, who have left their friends and families, have not only provided security to the Iraqi people, they have been training Iraqi security forces and rebuilding schools, hospitals and communities. They deserve our prayers, support and respect.

And that's where the mixed emotions come into play. When I arrive, I can confidently tell our young people in uniform that most of the country supports them and is praying for them. But there is a vocal and influential group of people that doesn't. They are lead by Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democrat Party.

UPDATE 2: David Limbaugh: Iraq: Dems have boxed themselves in

At the core of the Democrats' incessant carping about the war in Iraq is their oft-stated belief that our attack on Iraq and our continued presence there are fueling the terrorist movement. But when you hear them arguing the point, you can't help coming away with the sense that it is not the terrorists' moral outrage over Iraq they are concerned with, but their own. They just don't dare go so far as to admit it.

Yet the Democrats can't possibly afford to say what they really think. It would be politically suicidal for them to express sympathy for the terrorists' ostensible moral indignation at our intervention in Iraq, so they couch their objections in pragmatic terms: Our actions are leading to the recruitment of more terrorists. But their own moral objections to the war are too overpowering for them to successfully mask.

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