Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More beer and popcorn

Fallout continues from the "beer and popcorn" comments of top Liberal aides, which asserted that Canadian parents would be more likely to spend child-care benefits on the aforementioned items rather than on their kids.

Today's National Post editorial points out that, rather than this being just a stupid gaffe as Liberal supporters are trying to pass it off as, it is in fact a "rare look through the Liberal's glasses" and "a chance to see how they view Canadians".

Conservatives have shown they trust Canadian parents to make their own decisions about how to care for children and manage a family budget. But not the Liberals. Rather than leaving it up to parents to decide among daycare, nannies, stay-at-home parenting or care by relatives, Paul Martin insists only one option should be favoured: a top-down network of state-approved daycare centres. According to this view, bureaucrats know better than parents what is best for children. Just think, Mr. Reid, told viewers: If child-care money were under the control of parents themselves, they would simply "blow [it] on beer and popcorn."
Bureaucrats know better.....that aptly describes the Liberal Party in one short phrase. It reaches into all areas of an ever-more-intrusive government.
Sadly, this condescending theory of government extends well beyond child care. On health care, the Liberals refuse to permit personal choice -- insisting that Canadians either sign on to their Soviet-style health monopoly or flee the country to get more timely care in the United States. Rather than trusting most Canadians to be self-sufficient, they continue to create a culture of dependency through regional subsidies. In a purported effort to protect us from ourselves, the Liberals established a $2-billion gun registry that served little purpose other than to harass and humiliate law-abiding firearms owners. And in general, they continue to tax us at a far higher level than is needed to provide the basic services expected of government -- because in their view, a dollar in the hands of government will be better spent than a dollar in the hands of the average Canadian.
An online petition(Kidsnotbeer.com) is underway to try and communicate the outrage that a lot of Canadians are feeling about the contempt shown towards them by the Liberals. And Canadian blogger Angry In The Great White North has been doing the round of radio show interviews.

It will be interesting to see if this issue is big enough to make an impression on the poll figures. Judging by the reaction on talk-radio, the Liberals have made a huge blunder here. Let's see if they pay for it.

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