Monday, December 12, 2005

Liberals scramble after childcare slipup

National Post: Liberals red-faced over campaign claim

OTTAWA -- The federal Liberals scrambled Sunday to control the damage from their first serious gaffe of the election campaign after a top aide to Paul Martin suggested Canadian parents could blow any extra child-care money they get from Ottawa on beer and popcorn.

Scott Reid, the prime minister's director of communications, quickly apologized for his televised comments, while his boss hastened to explain that he doesn't share the view that families can't be trusted to decide what's best for their children.
Reid, for his part, admitted he had chosen "a dumb way to make my point" during a Sunday morning panel discussion on television.

By then the problem had been compounded by John Duffy, another Martin adviser, who went Reid one better by suggesting parents could take the child care allowances promised by Harper and use them help pay for beer, popcorn or a new car.

Comment: Liberals may be scrambling to contain the damage for these comments, but they've exposed once again the arrogant mind-set they subscribe to: that they know what's best for everyone else, and that individuals need the government (read: left-wingers) to tell them how to run their lives instead of being able to make their own decisions.

UPDATE: The Conservatives hammer the point.
The Conservatives have seized on Mr. Reid's comments as being emblematic of Liberal arrogance and unwillingness to trust individual Canadians to make wise spending choices.

The Liberals are trying to replace parents with the hand of government, Mr. Harper said, whereas Conservatives believe in giving tax dollars back to parents and trusting them to decide how to spend it.

"So many Liberal programs are targeted at large organizations," Mr. Harper said. "We want ordinary families to understand the benefits to them."

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