Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Liberal spin on Canadian oil sands

The Liberals try to spin the oil sands to their political advantage. David Frum calls them on it.

Under the leadership of the Chretien-Martin Liberals, Canada's voice in the world has faded to inaudibility. Canadians understandably don't like this--and their dislike has begun to ring alarm bells at Liberal HQ.

That's why Paul Martin has promised to increase the defence budget and expand the Canadian military. That's why Defence Minister Bill Graham has been talking in uncharacteristically robust tones about the need for armed forces capable of--get this--"defeating enemies." Imagine!

But even more than plans for the future, the Chretien-Martin Liberals need excuses for the past. And Goodale's burblings about the oilsands are just that: an excuse.

Here's the argument that (I surmise) Ralph Goodale and the Liberals want you to buy:

If the arrival of oil from the oilsands will transform Canada into a major force in the world--why then, it surely follows that the lack of oilsands oil explains why Canada has not been a major force till now. Doesn't it?

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