Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Isn't that something Cato used to scream in the Pink Panther movies?

Apparently not, it's a replacement for Christmas for black people, invented in the sixties by a black militant called Maulana Karenga (proper name Ron Everett, much less atmospheric), who considered the Black Panthers not radical enough. He also had a penchant for torturing women by beating them with electrical cords, sticking hot irons in their mouths, crushing their toes in a vice and pouring detergent in their mouths. Somehow I prefer carol singing and kissing under the mistletoe.

LaShawn Barber doesn't like Kwanzaa, mostly from a religious viewpoint. But it also seems to be just another method of promoting failed socialist doctrine. Karenga was a Marxist, and the celebration is based on seven "principles":

one for each day of the feast--guide the celebration: Umoja, Kujichagulia, Ujima, Ujamaa, Nia, Kuumba, and Imani. In English, the principles are, respectively, unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith.
The above is taken from a good article in the Dartmouth Review, which reveals Kwanzaa to be nothing more than an artificially invented tool of a racist and a Marxist lunatic.


At 6:45 PM, Blogger Cobb said...

How is it (logically) that if Kwanzaa is socialist and ideologically binding that it can grow and flourish in America? Isn't America more conservative now than it was in the 60s? Then how could a small group of marxists have such an influential place? They don't. Kwanzaa is not ideologically binding and people who celebrate it are not bowing down to the person of Karenga. You've got your facts out of perspective.


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