Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Klander Klanger

Yes, in this election the Liberals want to talk about the issues. Stuff which affects everyday Canadians.

Except it seems that, according to Mike Klander, the executive vice-president of the federal Liberal Party's Ontario wing, the important issues are that Olivia Chow is a right dog, Jack Layton is "an asshole", Stephen "Harper being flanked by the sexy Rona Ambrose at every opportunity", and "Harper being flanked by the ethnic Rahim Jaffer at every opportunity". These were all posted on his blog, which has now been historically revised. A cache is available here.

Yes, well Mike seems to have his finger on the pulse of the nation, doesn't he? No? Perhaps that's why he resigned.

The Liberals are distancing themselves from yet another stupendous gaffe which let's the general public see their arrogant and contemptuous attitudes.

Klander's blog was personal and did not reflect the view of the federal Liberals, said Stephen Heckbert, a spokesman for the Liberal campaign in Ontario.
So Mr Klander reaches an extremely high position in the Party, but somehow his views are not reflective of the Liberal Party. Guess this is a big surprise for them, too. But how exactly did he manage to reach this position without any other Liberals knowing his opinions, I wonder? Does this belong in the same category as Paul Martin being ignorant of hundreds of millions of dollars disappearing into a slush fund, even though he was Finance Minister? Or is it more likely that what Mr Klander put onto his blog was reflective of Liberal viewpoints when out of public view?

Given the previous blunders, including the infamous "beer and popcorn", I can make a good guess as to the answer.

Angry In The Great White North has more on this, including Klander's sleazy homosexual inferences about Stephen Harper and Giles Duceppe, and his ridiculing of a quadriplegic Conservative MP.

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