Monday, December 12, 2005

Iraqis optimistic about future

BBC News: Survey finds optimism in new Iraq

An opinion poll suggests Iraqis are generally optimistic about their lives, in spite of the violence that has plagued Iraq since the US-led invasion.
The BBC News website's World Affairs correspondent, Paul Reynolds, says the survey shows a degree of optimism at variance with the usual depiction of the country as one in total chaos.

The findings are more in line with the kind of arguments currently being deployed by US President George W Bush, he says.
Interviewers found that 71% of those questioned said things were currently very or quite good in their personal lives, while 29% found their lives very or quite bad.

When asked whether their lives would improve in the coming year, 64% said things would be better and 12% said they expected things to be worse.

However, Iraqis appear to have a more negative view of the overall situation in their country, with 53% answering that the situation is bad, and 44% saying it is good.

But they were more hopeful for the future - 69% expect Iraq to improve, while 11% say it will worsen.

Comment: Kudos to the BBC for making this report, it certainly contradicts the drum-beat of doom and gloom that has been the MSM's standard preference.

UPDATE: Leftist John Simpson tries to spin the poll as misleading and the situation as badly as possible, showing the agenda of most of the MSM correspondents, who would rather see Iraq fail than George Bush have a success.

UPDATE 2: ABC also reports on the poll. "Surprising levels of optimism....". Only surprising if you're in the MSM bubble.

UPDATE 3: Edward Morrissey comments.

This looks like the progress that Joe Lieberman mentioned when he returned from his last visit from Iraq and tried to explain to his colleagues that preaching disaster and falling skies simply didn't match reality.

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