Thursday, December 15, 2005

Iraqi's comments on the election

The BBC has a good page of comments by Iraqi's voting in the election.

But the most important issue for the future is a government that is right for all Iraqis.

I am optimistic that the future will be bright in Iraq.

It is the first time in modern Iraq that a democratic government will serve a full term and a turning point for the whole country.

We in Iraq have suffered greatly and many people here want democracy. They want people who can truly represent them in the new government.

I do not want the US or UK troops to leave now, but once we have a strong and trusted security forces I can say: "Thanks, you can go home now."

My sister says the family sleep well in Basra when they hear a British tank nearby.

Eventually, I hope the economy will improve and people will have better life. Then politics will become a secondary issue.

I think people here are excited and want to participate, they are less scared than before.


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