Thursday, December 01, 2005

Harper promises GST cut to 5%

After fumbling around badly with gay marriage for the past couple of days, Conservative leader Stephen Harper has hit a home run today, promising an immediate 1% cut in the Goods and Services Tax, followed by another 1% cut to 5% within five years.

This will have widespread appeal, as everyone hates paying the GST.

The real choice is between tax relief for some Canadians and tax relief for all: tax relief you can see versus tax relief you never see. “This will be a tax cut that you will see every time you shop, tax relief that you experience, a tax break that no politician will be able to take away without you noticing,” said Mr. Harper.

Good stuff. More of this needed, Mr. Harper!

UPDATE: The CP does a hatchet-job to try and discredit the cut in GST with quotes from economists in nice safe Liberal Ontario. Note the either/or assumption made in the article: that it's either a cut in GST or a cut in income tax. The current over-taxation a.k.a. "surplus" allows for both.


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