Sunday, December 11, 2005

Further evidence of Liberal insider trading scandal?

The evidence of a Liberal insider trading conspiracy continues to accumulate.

Angry In The Great White North: Another Liberal-tied trust and precisely timed profits

Cargojet is a major supporter of the Liberal Party. Since 2003, the corporation has made $18,667 is donations the the Liberal Party, and only the Liberal Party.

The CEO and President of Cargojet, Ajay Virmani, has ties to the Liberal Party
On November 21, 12,725 units were traded.

On November 22, and 23, trading spiked at 39,112 and 47,157 units changing hands.

The price per unit before the announcement? $9.60.

The price per unit today? $10.00.

In the middle of November, the unit price was languishing at under $8.50.
Though not as dramatic as the trading with Medisys, someone at Cargojet picked just to right time to grab a healthy chunk of units just before Ralph Goodale's office announced the favourable news on income trust taxation.
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