Monday, December 12, 2005

Facts show falseness of Katrina racism charges

Much has been made of the race angle in the coverage of hurricane Katrina, such as this example:

"Affluent white people fled the Big Easy in their SUVs, while the old and car-less--mainly Black--were left behind in their below-sea-level shotgun shacks and aging tenements to face the watery wrath,"
If this were true, you would think that the majority of deaths caused by Katrina would be black people, right? This would also be expected when you consider that two thirds of the city of New Orleans is black. Consequently, just using the law of averages, you would expect about 66% of the casualties to be black.

The facts tell a different story. As Newsmax notes:

Of the 883 bodies processed so far by medical examiners at St. Gabriel, 562 have been identified by race. Slightly less than half that number - 48 percent - are African-American.
Forty-one percent are white, 8 percent unknown and 2 percent Hispanic.

The remarkable numbers, which undermine claims that Katrina rescue efforts were somehow infused by racism, have been completely ignored by the national media, with only the Lousiana-based news web site, The Bayou Buzz, devoting any coverage at all to the story.

The surprisingly low death rate for black Katrina victims comes despite the fact that New Orleans itself was more than two-thirds black [67 percent] when the storm hit. White residents made up less than a third [28 percent] of the city's population, according to U.S. Census bureau numbers.

The two hardest hit areas were Orleans parish, which is the city itself - with 720 people killed by Katrina - and St. Bernard parish, with 123 dead.
So much of the MSM coverage of Katrina has turned out to be fabrication aimed at discrediting the Bush administration and the Republicans. You have to be wearing a pretty thick foil hat not to see the bias in all of this.

Via Michelle Malkin

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