Sunday, December 11, 2005

The empty Liberal election spiel

Toronto Sun editorial: Liberals even less than they seem

Never let it be said that Prime Minister Paul Martin and the Liberals don't know how to make an election promise sound good.

The problem is that once you examine their promises more closely, there's far less than meets the eye.

Take last week's announcement that the Liberals will ban handguns -- which is how the story was first reported on Thursday, courtesy of widespread leaks the ever-helpful Liberals provided to the media the day before.

As we learned when Martin actually made his announcement in a crime-plagued Toronto community, what the Liberals are actually promising is to amend the Criminal Code to permit the provinces to ban handguns, if they wish to do so.
On another major Liberal election promise last week -- $6 billion more for daycare, bringing their total commitment to $11 billion over 10 years -- it was more of the same.

Once again, Martin isn't actually delivering a national daycare program. He's simply sending federal tax money to the provinces, with no guarantee they will use it to create more daycare spaces.
Also last week, Martin made quite a show of scolding the U.S. at a United Nations conference on climate change in Montreal -- chastising the Americns for refusing to sign the Kyoto protocol and not doing enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Again, it all sounded good. Only thing is, Canada has a worse record on greenhouse gas emissions than the U.S. Since 1990, ours have gone up 24%; America's, 13%. Oops.
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