Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ed Koch's fourth way.

Interesting, but probably unrealistic.

I believe we should state formally before the UN Security Council that it is our intention to totally withdraw our military forces in Iraq within the next six months, with orders to withdraw to be announced as soon as possible. The withdrawal would take place unless our NATO allies and our allies in the Gulf region -- Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt and others -- immediately commit combat troops to Iraq in proportion to the size of their military and agree to pay their fair share of the cost of the war.

Good intentions, but getting those countries more involved would probably just result in bickering, arguments and ineffectualism, followed by prima-donna like withdrawals again.

I think that to maximise the chances of victory and success, America and Britain should be prepared to fight their wars alone or allied together, but allied with no other countries, as history shows that they generally demonstrate a lack of committment and professionalism.

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