Thursday, December 15, 2005

Don't expect an investigation into Liberal insider trading scandal

Edward Morrissey explains why, quoting from an exchange in the Ontario House which went as follows:

Mr. Michael Prue (Beaches-East York): My question is to the Minister of Government Services. As you know, there is growing evidence that insiders may have profited from advance knowledge of Ralph Goodale's November 23 income trust announcement. When I questioned you yesterday, you declined to take any action, even though you have the authority under section 5.

My question today is different. Do you believe it is important that any investigation into this matter be conducted in a way that is not only impartial but is seen to be impartial?

Hon. Gerry Phillips (Minister of Government Services): Again, the Legislature has set up the Ontario Securities Commission to handle these matters. I have complete confidence that their processes will identify if anything untoward has happened. They will conduct their investigation fairly, equitably and responsibly, like they always do.

I would again say that the hint of using political interference to determine when an investigation should or shouldn't take place is inappropriate.

Mr. Prue: Minister, W. David Wilson, your new chair of the Ontario Securities Commission, has been silent to date on this matter. One only has to take a quick scan of the Elections Canada Web site to show that Mr. Wilson is an avid financial supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada, the only party to which he donates money. Mr. Wilson has already been forced to recuse himself from investigations into the Royal Group due to a potential conflict. You agreed with that. Today, Judy Wasylycia-Leis, the federal NDP critic, has asked Mr. Wilson to recuse himself again. I am asking you this question: Will you support the effort and will you order Mr. Wilson to recuse himself in this situation?

Hon. Mr. Phillips: Let me just say that Mr. Wilson is a man of impeccable integrity. He is someone with a strong reputation for fairness and integrity. I find it very concerning that you would impugn him when he is an individual who, to anybody who knows him, is above reproach. If he determined he should recuse himself, he would.

My advice is, be very careful when you smear someone's integrity and reputation. You would do enormous damage to good people who want to serve the public and then are subjected to this kind of smear campaign. I would just say that he is an individual of impeccable integrity. If he should recuse himself, he will. I have complete confidence in him. I would just suggest to you that you do harm to the province when you go after --

The Speaker (Hon. Michael A. Brown): Thank you.

In this exchange you have the arrogance and sense of entitlement we have come to expect from the Liberals. Liberals and their supporters are to be "above reproach" and their decisions subject to no-one's scrutiny but their own. And anyone who dares suggest otherwise has to "be very careful" (is that a threat, or what?)

I'm sure that, where corruption is concerned, Adscam and this insider trading episode is merely the tip of a very large iceberg. The Liberals have been kept in power (mainly by the sheeple of Ontario) for so long that they have managed to insert their supporters and operatives into every major Canadian institution, in order to consolidate their hold on power and provide "benefits" to their supporters.

If any investigation into the insider trading scandal is to happen, it will require significant and consistent pressure from the opposition parties.

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