Saturday, December 10, 2005

Democrat reaction to GOP "retreat & defeat" ad.

John Hinderaker: The Democrats are shocked...shocked!

I said yesterday that the Democrats would have a hard time complaining about the RNC's new video, since all it does is show them talking. Silly me. Last night, the Democratic National Committee sent out an email denouncing the Republicans' ad

Jack Murtha offered his -- a strategic redeployment to make our forces in the Middle East more effective and get the target off of our troops' backs -- and many Democrats signed on. [Ed.: Note this utterly dishonest characterization of Murtha's call for surrender in Iraq. And "many" Democrats apparently means three.] Meanwhile, a bipartisan coalition of over 70 Senators came together to support a no confidence measure [Ed.: Huh?] and lay out a plan to make 2006 a transition year in Iraq. No one expects everyone to agree on what the new plan should be, but everyone should agree that we need a new plan. All the RNC has to offer is an inflammatory video and smearing of its opponents. [Ed.: The Democrats are the only party who think that if you show a video of them expressing their opinions, you're smearing them. They are right about one thing, though: the video is inflammatory. If enough people knew how the Democrats really think, they'd be swept out of office.]

John Hinderaker: The Democrats haul out another vet
Finally, Inouye denounces the Republicans for "playing politics" on Iraq. This is hilarious. The ad shows Democrats saying that we have no chance to win in Iraq and should pull out. How is it "playing politics" to let the American people know what the Democrats are saying? Are the Democrats ashamed of their own words? And why isn't it "playing politics" when the Democrats launch one false, vicious attack after another against the administration, but only when the administration defends itself?

The truth is that the Democrats have never done anything about Iraq other than to play politics. When they thought it was to their political advantage, they pretended to support the war. The moment they thought it was to their political advantage to abandon our soldiers' efforts, that's what they advocated. They pretend that no progress is being made in Iraq when they know that is not the case, and they try to shout down anyone who disagrees with them. What is prompting the present hysteria is that they are afraid the Iraq issue isn't playing the way they expected it to. What a party! Two and a half years into a war, and they're still trying to keep their options open.

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