Sunday, December 04, 2005

Defeatism whatever the outcome

This Washington Post column by Jonathan Rauch shows the approach that the Left is going to take when US troops are drawn down from Iraq.

So by spring, if not earlier, look for Bush to announce that progress in Iraq allows U.S. forces to start coming home. He will say that the drawdown is the best way to help the Iraqis stand on their own. He will argue, much as he did with his tax cuts, that whatever pace he sets is precisely the right pace, and that withdrawing any faster or slower would be the height of irresponsibility. He may also say that withdrawing is "not a formula for getting out of [the region], but one that provided the only sound basis for America's staying in and continuing to play a responsible role."

Those were the words of Richard Nixon, who, somewhere, is wanly smiling.
So if US forces need to stay in Iraq, according to the Left it's a quagmire which is unwinnable. Alternatively, if success allows US troops to be withdrawn, it's a demonstration that President Bush is admitting defeat.

You can see the Left's positioning going on here. They see that quite soon Iraqi forces are going to be able to assume a lot of the security workload, therefore US forces will be reduced. But they are determined that the Iraq war must be a defeat for the US, so they will spin whatever happens as the defeat that they so desire.

The Left truly has a defeat fetish.


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