Friday, December 09, 2005

The Dean of Defeatism

Ralph Peters: Dr. Dean's Retreat

Doc Dean, famed for his deadly surgery on the Democratic Party, has been hiding his true light under a camouflage-painted bushel. He's a military genius. Who knew?

Forget that Dean never bothered to serve in uniform (too important). Ignore his lack of experience in Iraq or the Muslim world (too busy). Don't chide him for his ignorance of military history (too boring). And let's give him a pass for providing the perfect intro to terror-chieftain Ayman al-Zawahiri's frantic insistence that America can't win.

Just accept that Howard Dean, from his battle-hardened position atop the Democrats' Central Committee — sorry, I meant "National Committee" — knows more than our troops, their commanders or the millions of Iraqis anxious to go to the polls on Dec. 15.

As this column has pointed out repeatedly, we need a responsible and strong Democratic Party. Competition is at least as important in our republic's government as in our economy (all monopolies swiftly grow corrupt). Yet the Dems appear determined to shun our real security needs in the Age of Terror.

Dean's irresponsible outbursts encourage our enemies to kill American troops. Silence is complicity.

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