Thursday, December 01, 2005

Daft environmentalist stunt of the day

You know that when climate change warms the Earth up there'll be no more Ice Hockey, don't you? Guess the entire concept of refridgeration will suddenly be lost too. Maybe it's an arcane secret orally passed from father to son at General Electric.

Anyway, the Environmentalists have given us a nightmare view of the future: the Climate Change Classic, which is a view of hockey in 2020. Players slosh around in water, and icing is known as "slushing". Are you ordering that hybrid yet?

After the game is abandoned, a tearful memorial service follows.

"We really wanted something to reach out to new individuals, people who aren't typically interested in climate change but really need to be," Mike Hudema of the group Global Exchange said.

But Mike, haven't you heard? Europe is going into a new ice age! Soon, hockey is all they'll be playing. You guys better start learning about Soccer.


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