Monday, December 12, 2005

Canadian polls - Dec 6 to Dec 11

Time for a weekly look at the poll averages in Canada, using poll results from the week above, with the previous week's averages in brackets.

National poll averages (12 polls)

Liberals 37.3% (35.2%)
Conservatives 28.4% (29.7%)
NDP 15% (16.9%)

Disappointing for the Conservatives, who have lost ground this week. The Liberal increase is mainly due to Ontario.

Ontario poll averages (9 polls)

Liberals 45.8% (42.4%)
Conservatives 31.7% (33.6%)
NDP 17.3% (18.2%)

The Liberals are increasing their support in Ontario at the expense of both other Parties.

British Columbia poll averages (5 polls)

Liberals 31.6% (33%)
Conservatives 29.8% (32.3%)
NDP 29.2% (29%)

Both the Conservatives and Liberals have lost ground, but the NDP do not appear to have picked it up. Large variance in polls results in this Province. For example, the Conservatives vary between 24% and 34%, therefore figures have to be taken with a spoonful of salt. A very unpredictable Province.

Quebec poll averages (10 polls)

Liberals 30.9% (26.7%)
Conservatives 7.6% (9.8%) note: 9 polls only
NDP 7% (6.5%) note: 9 polls only
Bloc 51.4% (55.3%)

An uptick for the Liberals, but they are so far behind it probably wont result in a significant difference seat-wise. Conservatives and NDP still need to be on a UN endangered species list.

All above poll averages compiled from Nodice.

Democratic Space current seat prediction (last election in brackets):

Liberals 130 (135)
Conservatives 92 (99)
NDP 24 (19)
Bloc 62 (54)

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