Friday, December 02, 2005

Canadian Auto Workers President betrays NDP

Showing that there is in fact no honour amongst thieves, Buzz Hargrove, President of the CAW, has betrayed the NDP and thrown his support behind Paul Martin's Liberals, saying that the union's interests are best served by having a minority Liberal government.

Martin shouldn't exactly take comfort in this rather lukewarm support. After all, Hargrove wants more of what we've already seen: a desperate Liberal minority being blackmailed into huge spending and Leftist policies in order to get the life-giving support of the NDP.

The fact that the Liberals are going after the soft NDP vote this early in the campaign shows that they are very worried about large amounts of their support bleeding away to the NDP. This should be encouraging to the Conservatives.

On the Liberal scary-Americans-watch, note this comment Martin made to the union about Stephen Harper:

"Maybe he's silent because he doesn't want you to know that he would have sent troops to Iraq".


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