Thursday, December 01, 2005

Canada - conscience of the World!

At least, that's the shameless tosh that Paul Martin is peddling.

Doug Gamble at NRO looks at how Paul Martin and the Liberals will attempt to use anti-Americanism to their advantage in the forthcoming election campaign.

His main threat comes from Stephen Harper, leader of the Conservative party of Canada, the least anti-American of the four parties competing in the election. Among the scare tactics Martin will use against Harper — and make no mistake, the thrust of the Martin campaign will be fear — will be the charge that a conservative government would turn Canada into a cesspool like the United States.

U.S. readers should understand that, to paraphrase Bill Clinton, it all depends on what the meaning of the word "conservative" is. A Canadian conservative is similar to a moderate Democrat here. There is no true conservative party in Canada, as we know conservatism.

Nonetheless, Martin will attempt to do to Harper what he did in the last election, paint him as a right-wing lunatic with a "hidden agenda." In fact, apart from policy
differences on immigration, Canada-U.S. relations, and possibly crime, there is little reason to believe Harper, especially with a minority government, would differ substantially from Martin except, one would hope, in competence and ethics.

I think he is dead on, and will be looking out to see just how blatant the Liberals become in their anti-Americanism.


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