Thursday, December 01, 2005

Blabbermouth Reid update

Also at Powerline, an update on Senator Reid's loose-lipped statement about Osama bin Laden, which is now being justified as just something he heard on NPR. John Fund, who wrote the initial report, reponds

There is no indication on the tape that Reid said he had gotten it from news reports. The assumption that everyone drew from it was that he was doing more than passing on rumor...the summary from Channel 4 in Reno said he had been informed...(Nevada News has the actual tape.)

In the NPR report Reid might be referring to...there is a line in there of pure speculation...but Reid used the word "seriously" on air...The point in my piece stands. Reid is the Minority Leader and clearly left the impression he had been briefed on this matter...

The man isn't a security menace as much as he is a foolish loose cannon.

Imagine the press coverage if a Republican had made this statement.


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