Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Atheists and Christmas

Karina Rollins: Atheists for Christmas

Though the leftist sport of this December is to demonstrate smug denials of any “war on Christmas,” the contemptible accounts of the Left’s attempts to kill Christmas – and the government’s appeasement of them – are a well-documented refrain: kids forbidden to talk about baby Jesus or Santa Claus in school; teachers instructed to avoid Christmas-themed jewelry; non-Christians who claim their rights are violated by a manger scene; and the censorship of virtually any mention of the word “Christmas.” Devout Christians are rightly offended.

I, an atheist, am just as outraged.

Every American should be, because there is much more at stake here than Christian sensibilities. The Left’s compulsive dedication to ridding the country of Nativity displays and turning “Merry Christmas!” into a slogan of minority oppression is not just a war on Christians, but – far worse – on Western culture itself.

As an atheist myself, I can say that there are very few things more irritating than an intolerant atheist. You know, the Michael Newdow type, who embrace their own viewpoints with all the religious fervour of Christian evangelists or fanatical Muslims, seek to expunge Christianity completely from modern day life, and relegate consideration of its historical impact to the exclusively negative. It's Christianity that is the target because it's in the West that we have become enlightened enough for atheists to be able to discuss and promote their opinions without fear of our life.

The ironic thing, of course, is that the secularists who seek to enforce their ideas on everyone else by coercing them into turning Christmas into a mushy non-descript "holiday season", are just as guilty of the intolerance and non-inclusiveness that they like to accuse religious people of exhibiting. As is so often the case, the Left's "inclusiveness" is merely redirected prejudice.

Not one of them would, of course, expect the Israelis to put up Christmas trees in downtown Tel Aviv in December, so that the Christians living there don’t feel left out. Not one would go to a Jewish friend’s Hanukkah party and expect him to call it a holiday party. Not one would move to Morocco and expect Thanksgiving decorations during Ramadan. Not one would dream of calling the Hanukkah Menorah the “seasonal candelabra.”

It’s not majorities that leftists despise – it’s Western majorities. And when, due to their fraudulent campaign, Western people in a Western country must worry that “Merry Christmas” will be taken as an insult to non-Westerners or secularists, it’s time for every citizen of that country – Christian, Jew, Muslim, atheist, or Hare Krishna – to fight this abomination.

We must all help protect the right of Christians to sing “Silent Night” publicly at a Nativity scene – because if they can’t do that, there’s no telling what the rest of us won’t be able to do next.

Live and let live. And the benefit of that should apply to Christians too.

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