Monday, November 28, 2005

Why the Democrats are endangering America

In the days before the commencement of the Iraq war, Saddam Hussein ordered Iraqi television stations to play scenes from the last few American days in Saigon in 1975. The point that he was making to the Iraqi people was obvious: don't rely on the Americans. When the going gets tough, they'll quit.

This is a telling point made by Herbert Klein in an essay at the American Enterprise Institute.

If the Democrats get their way, Saddam will be proved right. The Democrats have launched attack after attack at the President with the specific objective of undermining his credibility, and the latest campaign of mis-information to try and sell the idea that Bush deliberately misled America into war is the latest salvo.

Why is this dangerous for America?

Firstly, the safety of America (and the West) is tied to the success of democracy in Iraq and the Middle East, and hugely important elections are to take place in Iraq on Dec 15th. By attempting to discredit the war that made such elections possible and promoting a cut-and-run policy, the Democrats are undercutting support for those elections and encouraging the "insurgents" to try and outlast the political willpower of the American people.

Secondly, the President has been in Latin America and Asia , engaging in difficult discussions concerning free trade and strategic alliances. A President will have a far harder time getting the committments and alliances that America needs to deal with existing and future threats if his credibility has been seriously undermined.

This does not mean that a President must be above criticism, but the Democrats are plumbing the depths to an extent that has rarely been seen before (perhaps the accusation that Roosevelt knew about the coming attack on Pearl Harbour but did nothing comes close).

As Klein concludes:

There is no substitute for credibility. A president must be viewed by the nation as credible if he is to guide the country both at home and abroad.

The Democrats seem willing to sacrifice the credibility of the President, the credibility and safety of the United States itself, and the democratic and economic hopes of millions in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia if it means political mileage for themselves.

And yet at the slightest criticism of their methods they scream "don't question my patriotism!"

UPDATE: For another look at how the Democrats are making the world a more dangerous place, see this essay at Right Wing News, which talks about how America's credibility is being undermined by the Democrat's "perception of defeat".


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