Tuesday, November 29, 2005

UK Conservative leadership contest

The next interesting date for Conservatives is December 6th. That's when results are expected in the leadership contest for the UK Conservative Party. With Tony Blair pledging not to fight another election, this is a critical juncture for the Conservatives, and the right choice could see them become serious contenders in the next general election.

The BBC has short profiles of the two remaining contenders, David Cameron and David Davis.

Cameron is favourite to win the contest, and is the public's favourite too. Davis has said that he would accept the deputy leadership position if offered, which would make for an extremely powerful leadership combination.

The Daily Telegraph endorsed Cameron on November 27th:

At the start of the race, the Shadow Education Secretary seemed uncertain and occasionally petulant. But, as the contest has proceeded, he has acquired grace, presence and confidence. As Sir Nathaniel Wraxall wrote of Pitt the Younger, he has "seemed made to guide and to command, even more than to persuade or to convince, the assembly that he addressed". This capacity to grow and to learn is of the greatest importance in a politician who is not only comparatively young but also - by his own admission - inexperienced.


Above all, Mr Davis should be offered - and has said he would accept - the Deputy Leadership of the party, an anchor and a reassurance to those in the party who may find Mr Cameron's plans occasionally alarming but also as a politician of experience, grit and judgment. This exciting contest has shown that the opportunity for the Conservatives to change the political landscape is the most promising it has been since 1979. Now it is time to deliver.

Things are looking up for the Conservatives in Britain, and if they keep on track, it looks like they may be in from the political wilderness soon.


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