Sunday, November 27, 2005

Today's Favourite Odd News: Underwater Hockey

The blue team has a breakaway. An attacker with the puck races up the left side, closing in for an uncontested shot on goal. Katie Rademacher can't let this happen. With long brown hair flowing from her white headgear, the high school junior pumps her legs and regains strategic position, forcing the attacker into the corner. Then she swipes the puck with her chipped, white stick and passes it out.

The threat is over. Only one thing left to do: Come up for air.

Yes, it's underwater hockey. Whatever will Don Cherry say? Probably something about European players wearing girly thongs.

Apparently it was invented in the 1950's by British Divers to keep fit, and is growing in popularity fast. You can check out the website of the 2006 World Championships, to be held in that famous watersports town, Sheffield, England.

In this game, a two minute penalty in the box could be fatal!


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