Thursday, November 24, 2005

Today's favourite odd news: Freegans!

Want to eat for free? Become a freegan, and never pay for food again! All you have to do is hunt for waste food through garbage bins.

Yuck? Not for the freegans, who "find more food than we could possibly eat" according to Freegan Adam Weissman.

And if you're about to rolf, or getting worried about food poisoning, Dr Michael Gregor has posted health guidelines on a Freegan website. Just stay away from anything someone else has already started eating (no, really?), "NEVER take a chance on cans that are bulging or oozing from the seam", and cut away the mould.

Don't you feel guilty now, after porking up on half a grocery store's worth of food for Thanksgiving? And you'll do it again for Chrsitmas! No? No Guilt at all?

Yes, well, I quite agree. It's not my thing either. On the other hand, I just watched War Of The Worlds, and having a few of these guys around could be useful if the tripods start throwing their weight about.


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