Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Punkin Chunkin

A quintessentially American activity. A bunch of guys building giant air guns and catapults that shoot pumpkins thousands of feet, and getting together to have a World Championship pumpkin fling. There's probably a lot of beer drinking and meat eating going on too. Why can't we have this in Canada, damnit?

It's called Punkin Chunkin, and this year's world championships were held in Delaware. The huge machines are given amusing names like "Second Amendment", "Bad Hair Day" and "The Great Emancipator."

According to the results page, the winning...er....chunk (?) was by "Second Amendment", with an impressive 4,331.72 feet! That's about 4/5 of a mile.

You can see photos and video on the website. Hillarious stuff!

Maybe these things should be sent to Iraq. Nah, forget it, you'd have the liberals screaming about the US using "biological weapons."


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