Sunday, November 20, 2005

Michelle Malkin rips racist leftists

One of my favourite bloggers, Michelle Malkin, has a must read post on the racist attacks she and her family endure.

The political left likes to bandy around words like "tolerance" and "inclusiveness". Of course, this is all just a sham, as is demonstrated clearly by their reaction to individuals like Michelle Malkin and Condoleeza Rice. When someone doesn't fit into the left's agenda, tolerance and inclusiveness go out the window, and their race becomes a target.

The post is here.


At 9:46 PM, Blogger auspatriotman said...

'OOOOH-Rah!" Michele

In "Enough" you served notice. Your fantastic and I read you daily. The more effective you are the worst the attacks come. It's unnecessary for me to say the evident about the Left. Same stuff, different a-hole. (pardon me. Its the best surname for them)

Here's what I found to be some of the best 'you can't argue with these words, spin them as you may.."

If there’s one thing a Lib hates is a independent female. What’s worse than that is one who has a brain and thinks on her own!!! That’s devastating to a Lib. Why, their Mullahs without the dress code!

These are the best words I can find for the Libs. It suits them to a tee:

1: Dead flies can make a whole bottle of perfume stink, and a little stupidity can cancel out the greatest wisdom
2: A wise man’s heart {directs him} toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart {directs him} toward the left
3: Even when a fool goes walking, he has no sense and shows everyone else that he’s a fool.

Proverbs 18:2: “A fool finds no pleasure in understanding, but delights in airing his own opinions.”

"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits". -Albert Einstein

Jessie and You make one heck-of-a Bloggin' Nuke to the Left Michelle. Never stop!!!! You are adored and appreciated!!!!! And 'Thank You " Jessie for your super-support!!!!!!!!!

"The Lord Bless You and Your Household"

"Helping to make the Red States Redder !"

"In the end it all comes down to leadership. That is what this country is looking for now. It was leadership here at home that gave us strong American influence abroad and the collapse of imperial communism. Great nations have responsibilities to lead, and we should always be cautious of those who would lower our profile, because they might just wind up lowering our flag." --Ronald Reagan


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