Saturday, November 26, 2005

Marlowe gagged by British PC censors

The Times reports on one of the latest pieces of craven PC censorship in Britain: the rewriting of portions of Christopher Marlowe's play Tamburlaine The Great for a performance in London.

IT WAS the surprise hit of the autumn season, selling out for its entire run and inspiring rave reviews. But now the producers of Tamburlaine the Great have come under fire for censoring Christopher Marlowe’s 1580s masterpiece to avoid upsetting Muslims.

Audiences at the Barbican in London did not see the Koran being burnt, as Marlowe intended, because David Farr, who directed and adapted the classic play, feared that it would inflame passions in the light of the London bombings.

Simon Reade, artistic director of the Bristol Old Vic, said that if they had not altered the original it “would have unnecessarily raised the hackles of a significant proportion of one of the world’s great religions”.

Director David Farr rewrote portions of the play after the July 7th attacks, proving once again that terrorism does work, at least on gutless intellectuals.


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