Sunday, November 27, 2005

A good suggestion from Senator Warner

Senator Warner has suggested that President Bush broadcast regular updates on the war in Iraq, much in the style of FDR's second world war broadcasts.

This is a great idea. A regular update would give the American people a sense of the progress being made, counteracting the leftist MSM's doom-and-gloom campaign. Such broadcasts could include messages from the soldiers in Iraq and messages from the Iraqi people themselves. It would also be a regular chance to address the false and hollow criticisms being volleyed by the Democrats and the political left, many of which can be demolished in just a few well-written sentences.

Obviously, such broadcasts should be realistic, addressing setbacks too, and not trying to present Iraq as a new rainbow-tinted democratic utopia. But they could be very helpful in keeping the resolve of America strong.

I hope that this idea is given serious thought.


Compare the report referenced above to this barely disguised attack piece by al-Reuters, entitled "Senator urges Bush to explain Iraq war". Note that the Reuters headline makes it seem as if Senator Warner wants Bush to explain the whole war, instead of the progress being made. Note also the mention-Cindy-Sheehan-at-any cost mentality (including the staged photo of her at the top).


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