Monday, November 21, 2005

French Jews fleeing France

From today's National Post article entitled "Taking Leave Of 'The Fear'":

Which makes the current Jewish exodus from France feel that much more historical in its significance. "These are not people fleeing, for instance, a dictatorship or economic disaster," says Monique Matza, an immigration analyst in Montreal who has researched the French Jewish exodus. "These are people who are scared for their future. They are anxious for their children, who are being bullied or sometimes beat up in school or in the metro." French Jews, of all classes and backgrounds and denominations, have started referring to this worry as simply "La crainte" -- The Fear. "And if it's strong enough to make the French Jews leave, well, then I know this is serious," says Ms. Matza. This is, after all, a country that many French Jews returned to in the 1940s, even after France's collusion with the Nazis during the Vichy Regime.


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