Monday, November 28, 2005

Election 2006: last week's polls averaged

Here are the average of the previous week's polls Nationally and in the key battleground Provinces of Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia (sourced from Note that the average may not add to 100%, because not all parties have results in all polls.

National (4 polls)

Liberal 35.9%
Conservative 30.1%
NDP 17.2%

Ontario (2 polls)

Liberal 44%
Conservative 35.5%
NDP 16% (note, result from 1 poll only)

Quebec (4 polls)

Liberal 26.25%
Conservative 10% (note, result from 1 poll only)
NDP 10% (note, result from 1 poll only)
PQ 55.75%

British Columbia (3 polls)

Liberal 36.3%
Conservative 28.7%
NDP 31.7%

UPDATE: On future Monday's I'll review the previous week's polls and compare the progress (or lack of) of the Parties.

For this week, the obvious conclusion is that the Conservatives have a lot of work to do, particularly in BC, where they seem to have slipped quite badly, and to the benefit of the Liberals at that. At the moment, it looks like another Liberal minority is on the cards.


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