Friday, November 25, 2005

Cindy Sheehan, embarassment to America

Ms. Sheehan has published her latest insane rant at the left-wing extremist site Daily Kos. It's the usual combination of anti-war garbage, Bush Derangement Syndrome, and the latest whining points of the self-hating Left.

For example, after blathering on about not being permitted to meet with the President again (she has already met him once), she recites memes about white phosphorus being a "chemical weapon" (it isn't), and an accusation that President Bush's democracy is "where no open dissent is allowed" (exactly what does she think she is engaging in with her ridiculous letter?).

She also says "since August, when I wanted to ask you the question: For what noble cause did you kill Casey and the others, over 200 more of our brave young men and women have been killed in the charade of Iraq. "

To give an answer to her question and to show the noble cause, review this photo essay by Michael Yon. That's the noble cause that Casey Sheehan believed in: freedom. The freedom of Iraqis and the right of Iraqi children to be able to grow up without living in fear or murder and torture being inflicted upon themselves and their loved ones.

But apparently, Cindy Sheehan and the Left doesn't care one bit about those children. They would prefer to undermine the efforts of the military, thereby giving encouragement and support to people who booby-trap children's dolls by filling them with explosives.

What's worse, is that even though Casey Sheehan believed in this noble cause, his disgraceful Mother has used his life insurance money to try and promote its failure.

It's time for Cindy Sheehan to fade away.


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