Saturday, November 26, 2005

Canada "likeliest target" for bio-terrorism

That's what David Warren, writing in the Ottawa Citizen thinks, and he makes a pretty convincing case.

His reasons:

  1. America is the primary object of hatred, but harder to hit because of their efforts to secure their borders and the efforts of the Homeland Security Department
  2. Canada has far more open borders and less suspicious authorities, making an attack an easier proposition, and yet a bio-terrorism weapon unleashed in Canada is still extremely likely to cross into the US (germs don't stop at customs).
  3. Europe is less likely to be a target because they are already half assimilated into Islamic territory through the progression of demographics.
  4. Canada's larger cities have a large Muslim population to provide cover to the terrorists.
  5. The Canadian law enforcement authorities are basically hostage to political correctness, therefore their efforts can be quickly blunted with charges of "racism". The pathetic response to the ongoing gang-warfare in Toronto is a perfect example.
  6. Canada is an advanced country technologically and medically, therefore the materials for an attack are available here, from pharmacies or hospitals, using theft, bribery or blackmail.

His conclusion:

It is from the contemplation of such facts, that persons of sound mind may deduce what is necessary to avoid an attack. We cannot possibly eliminate the means, without also eliminating everything that makes our society technologically advanced. We must instead find and eliminate the people who want to kill us. This, incidentally, is the pro-active strategy President Bush and company embarked upon, about Sept. 20th, 2001. But perhaps it wasn’t bold enough.

The article is available at Real Clear Politics (the Ottawa Citizen requires registration).


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